Electric vehicle manufacturer, ev Transportation Services Inc. (“evTS”), has announced recently that it has signed a cooperative agreement to have its FireFly® ESV vehicles manufactured and distributed in the United Kingdom. evTS is focused on the essential services and urban e-mobility markets. The company that will manufacture and distribute the vehicles is Evtec Automotive, a U.K.-based electric vehicle technology group and part of the Stetford Group.


David Solomont, Chairman and CEO of evTS shares that according to the agreement, 5,000 FireFly vehicles should be assembled and distributed over the next 3 years in the U.K. The agreement grants Evtec rights to expand its distribution network to markets in Western Europe.

David Solomont believes that the combination of Stetford Group’s experience and industry leadership in automotive manufacturing technologies and evTS’ experience in design and recent extension of the FireFly platform into new sectors will create the perfect environment to forge new revenue streams from the many opportunities for use of our vehicles in the U.K. and European markets.

Furthermore, as it has been shared by David Solomont, CEO of evTS, this innovative vehicle is going to play an important role in the increasing zero-emission commercial utility vehicle market. The new FireFly is also intended to be able to take advantage of the rapidly increasing demand for electric last-mile vehicles. It is aimed to become a pivotal catalyst in improving urban air quality in order to make U.K. and European towns and cities better places to live and work.

David Solomont considers that Evtec Automotive and the wider Stetford Group is the right organisation to drive the FireFly’s success in the U.K. and European markets.

The FireFly’s vehicle is entering a hugely expanding sector, so experienced investor and advisor, David Solomont, believes that Evtec will be able to fully exploit that, as well as utilising ambitious plans to expand local supply chains and innovative ways of selling, distributing and servicing the FireFly.


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