Mosquitoes, ticks, and rodents are not only a nuisance, but are a major threat to public health. The Mosquito and Vector Control Program protects public health by controlling mosquitoes and other vectors that spread disease. This program controls disease vectors and nuisance pests using effective and environmentally sensitive methods, and reduce the risk of vector-borne diseases such as West Nile virus and plague. Yesterday, October 19th, ev Transportation Services Inc. (‘evTS’), an electric vehicle manufacturer focused on the essential services and urban e-mobility markets, announced the launch of a pilot program in cooperation with the San Mateo County Mosquito and Vector Control District (‘SMCMVCD’) for the modification and use of the FireFly for integrated mosquito management.

ev Transportation Services Inc. (‘evTS’) is a specialty vehicle manufacturer that produces purpose-built, all-electric lightweight commercial utility vehicles and provides fleet management solutions. Founded in 2015 by David Solomont, the Boston-based company’s flagship product, the FireFly ESV is aimed at the essential services transportation and urban e-mobility markets.

Mosquito control in San Mateo County started over 100 years ago, and SMCMVCD uses an integrated pest management approach to control mosquito populations in the County. Innovative methods used by the District include the design of a modular spray wand system for pesticide application from a right-hand drive vehicle.

Under the pilot program, evTS has supplied a right-hand drive Firefly ESV which is being modified to fit SMCMVCD application system equipment. The vehicle will be put into service and evaluated as a potential replacement to the current SMCMVCD right-hand drive vehicle fleet which are deployed seasonally during summer months. In return for the use of the vehicle, evTS will receive feedback from SMCMVCD to optimize technology for use in sales to other mosquito and vector control districts throughout the U.S.

‘SMCMVCD vehicles are used to reduce the risk of mosquito borne illnesses across a wide range of urban and suburban environments, an ideal use case for the FireFly ESV,’ said David Solomont, evTS Chairman and CEO. ‘The lightweight, agile and maneuverable Firefly ESV, configured as a right-hand drive, can support the requirements and payload of the SMCMVCD-designed mosquito control system, running sustainably all day without a recharge. We believe positive results from the program will lead to the consideration of our vehicles as a fleet replacement. We look forward to working with the SMCMVCD to demonstrate the FireFly ESV’s exceptional capabilities in this application.’

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