The automotive industry is in a constant state of transformation and innovation. The current shift towards electrification, self-driving cars and ride-sharing are just some of the many factors that will change how people get around in the future. An electric vehicle offers several key benefits over its gas-powered counterparts, making them a great fit for your personal and business needs. In this article, David Solomont, the founder of ev Transportation Services, Inc (“evTS”), explores the top five reasons to choose an electric vehicle. You’ll learn about the advantages of owning an EV, as well as potential drawbacks you should consider before making an investment decision.

More than just an alternative fuel

Some electric vehicles can operate solely on electricity, with no need for a gas tank or engine. These types of EVs are called “pure- EVs”. This makes them a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with traditional gasoline costs or the contamination and emissions caused by combustion engines. Gasoline prices vary and can change based on many factors. At their highest, prices are bad for anyone who uses the fuel and for anyone who doesn’t. EVs operate on whatever level of electricity is available, so they’re immune to price fluctuations. EVs can also be more cost-effective to operate than gas-powered vehicles, depending on your specific electricity rates.


Cheaper to run and maintain

If you choose an EV over a gas-powered vehicle, you’ll enjoy significantly lower fuel costs. EVs don’t use gas or oil, so they don’t require regular maintenance. Plus, EVs are designed to use less power, while still providing exceptional performance. This helps keep maintenance costs low over the life of the vehicle. If you plan to keep your vehicle for a long period of time, this could even result in a cost savings. EVs are also built for long-term use. Most EVs have a lifespan of at least 10 years and could easily exceed that if maintained properly. This means fewer vehicle repair costs as you put miles on your car, explains David Solomont.


Environmentally friendly

EVs are inherently more environmentally friendly than combustion-engine vehicles. This is because EVs operate solely on electricity, making them carbon-free. EVs have low rolling emissions, so they’re especially helpful for air quality issues in cities. EVs can also help reduce emissions from personal transportation, which can have a major impact on the environment. If you don’t currently use a car, you can also choose an electric vehicle as your transportation method.



Security for your personal and business assets

Owning an electric vehicle is more secure than gas-powered models. EVs don’t produce harmful emissions that can damage the environment, your health, and the surrounding area. This can also help reduce potential liability concerns, adds seasoned investor David Solomont. EVs are more difficult to damage than gas-powered vehicles. The electric motors are usually located in the wheels, helping to protect the undercarriage and underbody of the vehicle. If a crash does occur, you can rest assured that your car will be in better shape than a conventional gas-powered vehicle.



An EV is a great investment for anyone who wants to be environmentally conscious, saves money on gas, and enjoys a more convenient driving experience. They can also be more flexible than traditional cars, depending on your personal and business needs. Investing in an EV is a smart way to protect the environment and reduce the costs of vehicle ownership. These are just a few of the many benefits that come with owning an electric vehicle. You can rest assured that an EV is a great choice for a modern, carbon-free lifestyle.

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