When you purchase something online, it is more likely that it will travel a lot of miles to get to your front door. Despite the zero-emission truck fleets, in order to reduce carbon emissions in transportation, some designers are focusing more on solutions on a smaller scale.

For instance, it is not necessary for a gasoline-powered truck to travel through residential neighborhoods, stopping at each house. An electric motor delivery vehicle offers an alternative solution for those short distances.

The FireFly ESV Electric Vehicle

The Boston-based company, ev Transportation Services, Inc (“evTS”), founded by David Solomont, has designed a utility vehicle for proximity deliveries. This vehicle is called FireFly ESV and it is the ideal last-mile delivery vehicle and urban mobility solution.

This vehicle is cheap and easy to drive, and it allows easy integration into any type of business.

Why is the FireFly ESV ideal for urban delivery?

Solomont and his team designed this vehicle to be suitable for short-range routes. The vehicle can be easily maneuvered in tight, congested areas, because of its narrow turning radius.

Driver’s fatigue and muscle strain can be significantly reduced with the vehicle’s DuraGlide doors. These doors have tall openings and low step-in height, which allows easy egress and ingress.

FireFly ESV provides more dragging power and cargo space than its competition. The modular bed can be built due to the requirements of the job that is intended for and it has a 1,100 lb. payload (including the driver). Also\nit has a fully customizable rear bed accessory option for packages, groceries, hot and cold foods, etc.

David Solomont and its team have made this vehicle truly environmentally friendly, virtually maintenance-free, and at an exceptionally low cost of operation. FireFly ESV has an effective range of more than 100 miles between charges.

What’s more, its design, small and nimble, allows it to navigate into busy areas and contributes to the solution of the traffic congestion problem.

So, all the before mentioned features, make the FireFly ESV a key addition to the delivery fleet of any company!

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